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Why we would love to see Vettel vs Hamilton at Mercedes in 2021. Be sure to check our Channel Listings page for full lineup.

Will Buxton explores the possibility of Sebastian Vettel joining Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes in 2021. Is it possible, what would it bring to Mercedes – and what would it bring to Formula 1?

It couldn’t actually happen, could it?

Perhaps it’s only under lockdown conditions, where almost nothing is actually possible, that even the impossible seems plausible. Maybe our imaginations truly are running away with us, but could a battle royale the motorsport world has willed to happen for a decade come to pass?

Hamilton versus Vettel. Mano a mano. Same team. Same car. Gloves off. For one year. It’s delicious isn’t it?

But rather than look on Vettel as a busted flush who’d had his time, there is reason to believe that had circumstances played their hand differently, he might well have taken one or even two world championships over his years in rosso corsa. There is every chance that today we’d be lauding him as the six-time champion. Or him and Hamilton as two, five-time champs.

On his day, Vettel is still one of the very best. The competitive spark has not yet been snuffed out. Given one final chance to pull on his gloves and come out swinging, can anyone really doubt he’d put up a sensational fight?

Never before in F1 have we had the two leading championship protagonists of their day holding such success between them. With 10 titles, Vettel and Hamilton have defined the past decade. Yet, like it or not, their time will – and must – come to an end.

And never could the reality of such a generational shift have been more apparent than the last 12 months in the life of Ferrari. The arrival and almost immediate accession of Charles Leclerc to de facto team leader resulted in a contract extension the length of which not even the mighty Michael Schumacher was afforded.

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